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Class “A” safe storage

Most industrial and trading companies face the need to store their goods and cargos. Practice shows that transferring cargos to safe storage is much more efficient than building own storage facilities or renting a ready warehouse. 

SLG Operating renders safe storage services – acceptance of goods to temporary storage at the class “A” warehouse facility in the Moscow region. The company assumes full financial responsibility for the goods safety. SLG Operating handles all types of products: food products (including alcohol), industrial goods, medicines, building materials, etc. 

In addition to the safe storage the SLG Operating’s warehouse offers a range of additional service operations to its customers:

 - unloading/loading operations for any mode of transport, railway containers and rail cars;

 - oversized cargo operations;

 - automated warehouse inventory control, full and selective stocktaking;

 - preparation of warehouse recording in any forms and data formats;

 - warehouse cargo insurance;

 - letting a pharmaceutical or excise warehouse;

 - providing office space equipped with all types of modern communications;

 - ready orders picking;

 - making kits and gift sets;

 - repackaging, labeling, stickering;

 - shrink-wrapping, special types of packaging.

Reliability is the basis of reputation

SLG Operating guarantees absolute safety of the goods transferred to the safe storage. Qualified personnel and modern warehouse equipment is the key to accuracy and safety of all warehouse operations. When accepting your goods to the safe storage SLG Operating renders cargo force majeure insurance services directly at the warehouse. 

Speed and accuracy

The SLG Operating’s safe warehouse is equipped with an office unit providing highly productive office equipment. Special software helps a customer to quickly navigate in volumes, varieties and properties of the positions stored. Automatic recording nullifies any possible errors.

More opportunities

An important advantage of SLG Operating is the combination of the safe storage services with an additional order picking service. There is personnel and special equipment at the company’s warehouse for repackaging and labeling. Suppliers actively use this service for repackaging their goods in accordance with retailers’ requirements. In addition, the service allows you to quickly restore batches which packaging was damaged during transportation. 

Picking and packaging service is also highly demanded by online shops to which SLG Operating offers favorable conditions. If an online shop selects safe storage in the Moscow region as the main way for its goods warehousing, it pays only for the time its products are stored at the warehouse, thus, greatly optimizing storage costs.


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