Class “A” warehouse facility

Logistics facility SLG-Domodedovo provides 85,000 m² of class “A” warehouse and office space. Convenient road interchanges, proximity to Moscow, high-performance storage equipment and advanced automated WMS-system make the facility one of the most comfortable and effective in the metropolitan area.

Total warehouse capacity is over 120,000 pallet positions. Facility continuous operation ensures double turnover of goods relative to the warehouse capacity: 260,000 pallets per month or about 400 pallets per hour.

In winter the warehouses temperature is maintained at the level of at least +15°C, in summer — at most +25 ºC. Climate control provides humidity of 50–70%. All the parameters are controlled by devices installed in different parts of the warehouse. 

Facility key customers are Pepsi Co, VimBilDan, Baltika Breweries, TsentrObuv, Intermed, Tervolina, Castorama Rus, Heier Rus and other leading suppliers of food and industrial goods.

Warehouse premises structure and equipment

The warehouse consists of four modules, each of which has three levels: lower tier is the acceptance and delivery area equipped with fifty dock levellers and dock shelters; middle tier is a storage space; third tier is an office space. 

The SLG-Domodedovo warehouses are equipped to the highest standards and can accommodate over 120,000 pallet positions located on six-tier shelving system manufactured by Nedcon SE. Loading and transportation operations are performed using STILL-branded professional equipment:

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Automated control

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Logistics facility SLG-Domodedovo is controlled using Logistic Vision III Suite software. The system has a large-scale functionality and allows to effectively manage business processes in all warehouse areas. 

The program solves a number of strategic tasks:

There are about 100 automated workplaces at the SLG-Domodedovo including WMS operators’ places, mobile and stationary terminals for barcode reading and passing tasks to order pickers and loading equipment drivers.

Safety system

Warehouse fire safety is ensured with an automatic fire extinguishing system, which includes infrared sensors, sensors in offices, fire alarm system and sprinkler system at all levels of the facility.

The territory is guarded by own security service and security company. The facility perimeter is fenced and equipped with video cameras. Each of the buildings is also equipped with outdoor video cameras monitoring the surrounding area. In warehouses the video cameras are installed in front of each dock and in the space between the rows. All information is recorded and archived and can be accessed and viewed quickly. 

Railway and motor transport can access the territory at three control posts with the round-the-clock security. Warehouses and office space support multilevel access system: employees have magnetic cards, which allow them to access only the premises related to their duties.

Transport infrastructure


Efficient logistics of the ILF SLG-Domodedovo is due to exceptionally favorable location allowing to promptly send and deliver goods with road transport of any type, rail cars and containers as well as to work with the goods transported by air.

Road transport:

Air transport:

Railway transport:

SLG-Domodedovo warehouse facility
Address: 14 Logisticheskaya str., ILF Severnoye Domodedovo, Severny micro-district, Domodedovo district, Moscow region
Phones: + 7 (495) 510-50-00, + 7 (495) 510-15-51