Facts and figures about SLG

1. Finances

SLG Holding’s consolidated startup capital amounted to over $10 mln.

2. Property

Holding’s consolidated property capital exceeds $30 mln.

3. Intellectual capabilities

SLG Holding’s management team is built of leading Russian transport and warehouse logistics experts.

4. Information capabilities

As part of the SLG project there is a special information and logistics portal “Virtual Customs” (”Виртуальная таможня”) where you can find regularly updated information on the state of the logistics market, forecasts and expert opinions, description of new projects in logistics and much more.

5. Technologies

All SLG’s warehouse facilities are managed with a unified modern WMS-based ERP-system. The system allows online tracing of each product along the SLG’s entire logistics network. Integrated automation provides Holding’s customers with strict recording and prompt statistics for fast decision-making.