Mission and strategy

The motto

Smart logistics begins with thinking about a customer.


SLG Holding establishes and develops a high-tech network of goods flow processing logistics centers in Russia. The basic structural element of the SLG’s network is a multifunctional class “A” terminal facility offering its customers modern methods of recording, storage and processing of goods flows, thus, optimizing business processes for different operations.

SLG’s strategic objectives

Establishing a high-quality services logistics network at the best class “A” sites in the Moscow region followed by the same in the largest cities of the country.

Uniting the SLG’s logistics network with a unified management system, own road routes and railway communications.

Creating an advanced integrated logistics system that would connect Russian producers and consumers with those in the Customs Union states.

Achieving status of a public logistics company of federal significance followed by bringing shares first to the Russian stock exchange and then to the international one.