Objectives and Values

SLG’s strategic objectives

Establishing a high-quality services logistics network at the best class “A” sites in the Moscow region followed by the same in the largest cities of the country.

Uniting the SLG’s logistics network with a unified management system, own road routes and railway communications.

Creating an advanced integrated logistics system that would connect Russian producers and consumers with those in the Customs Union states.

Achieving status of a public logistics company of federal significance followed by bringing shares first to the Russian stock exchange and then to the international one.

Our values

Partnership. SLG highly appreciates its partners. Openness, long-term and mutual benefits are our basic principles of working with customers and suppliers. Understanding customers’ needs is a foundation stone in SLG’s business. By offering our customers the most favorable and cost-effective solutions we take full responsibility for our actions and recommendations.

Team. SLG appreciates all its employees regardless of their positions. We conduct socially oriented human resources policy and support those employees who want to improve their skills, develop team spirit. SLG has been constantly maintaining a corporate training program and buddy system since its foundation.

Ideas. SLG follows the latest ideas and developments in logistics and actively adopts the latest methods and electronic technologies. At the same time, SLG develops and improves its own ideas, innovations and know-hows. We encourage those employees who take useful initiative in spreading effective methods of work and improving operations safety.

SLG’s operational tasks

The Holding aims at developing an effective mechanism for the logistics network automated management in line with logistics international standards.

Focusing on global trends to reduce logistics costs at all stages of goods transportation from their producer to a final consumer, SLG will promote innovative solutions and technologies enabling to minimize customers’ costs while maintaining service quality standards.

By implementing new generation WMS with enhanced use of bar-coding systems and mobile terminals, SLG will consistently reduce the use of low-skilled labor, improve decision-making automation and personnel approved actions control system.

Implementation of the ERP-systems uniting the SLG’s warehouse network into a general system will allow to optimize customers’ material, intellectual and financial resources.

Integration of warehouse, transportation, customs components of the SLG’s activities into customers’ supply and distribution chain will enable us to continuously monitor key indicators (KPIs) in each link of the logistics chain, which will provide an opportunity to manage the SLG’s processes at the 4PL operator level in future.