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SLG Domodedovo

SLG Domodedovo Logistics Complex

1/14 Logisticheskaya Street, Severniy residential district, Domodedovo city, Moscow region, 142000 (+ 7 495 510-5000 , 510-1551)

View from the main entrance
View from the railway ramp


View - camera 1
View - camera 4

View from above


Excellent logistics potential of "SLG-Domodedovo" ILC is supported by its favorable location.

Road approach information

  • Distance to MKAD (Moscow Ring Highway)- 11 km;
  • А-107 "Betonka" - 18 km;
  • M-4 Highway "Don" - 1.5 km;
  • Kashirsk Highway - 0 km;
  • M-2 Highway "Crimea" -8 km;
  • Domodedovo- Cargo (air) - 11 km;

  • Long distance railway - Paveletsk Direction, Domodedovo station;
    Branch railway to the warehouse.
    The excellent access potential of "SLG-Domodedovo" provides for fast and convenient shipment of cargo without any vehicle type or weight restrictions by road, rail (carriage/container) and air.

    Unified State Register of Real Estate Property Rights and Transactions.

    Warehouse specifications

    Click on a required block to zoom in

    "SLG-Domodedovo" consists of 4 equal in size blocks of about 17,300 sq.m each. A mezzanine floor (5,184 sq.m per each block) is located on the second level (+5.25 m), just above the area of acceptance and issue of goods; office premises (5,184 sq.m per each block) - on the third level (+8.85 m). A total of 50 loading docks are equipped with dock levelers and dock shelters.

    Each block is equipped with:
  • 6-layer racking system supplied by Nedkon SI. 2nd and 4th blocks - wide and narrow aisle rows, 3d and 4th - only wide aisle rows. First block contains about 5,000 pallet-spaces for TSW and vehicles;
  • The aggregate for 4 blocks number of standard storage pallet-spaces (120 x 80 sm, height - up 1.85 sm) is over 130,000;
  • Loading and transport machinery is supplied by STILL company and includes the following:
  • - 10 high narrow aisle stacker trucks MX-X;
    - 25 reach trucks FM-X 17;
    - 30 forklift trucks RX 50-15;
    - 50 electric carts EXU-16;

    WMS "Logistic Vision III Suite" (LVS) , developed by Mantis Inc. (Greece) is supplied by Ant Technologies (Pilot Group of Companies). LVS is a complex of software products that enables efficient warehouse management along with the control of the entire supply chain from sales and demand forecasts to performance management at all sections of the logistics chain: production, warehouses and transportation.
    The system functions include the following:

  • Unified warehouse operations, i.e. process standardization, time and overhead costs reduction;
  • Real-time cargo handling;
  • End-to-end commodity identification (commodity - packaging - place), precise cargo tracking with minimum errors;
  • Module-based warehouse system consisting of automated work places and mobile computer data collection terminals;
  • Individual barcodes for every item or packaging;
  • Use of both printed barcodes and the ones located on goods;
  • Keeping a system log for all operations, including a staff identification log for work time recording (system registration).

  • Among the 100 work places to be equipped at "SLG-Domodedovo" are the following: work places for WMS operators, manual and fixed terminals for barcode reading and forwarding of assignments to reach trucks, stackers and picking carts operators.

    Warehouse winter temperature - not below +15 C, summer - not above +25 C. Humidity 50 - 70%. All temperatures parameters are controlled via special meters installed in the different parts of the warehouses.

    The following fire safety equipment is used: automatic fire-fighting system with IR sensors, sensors in office areas, fire alarm and a sprinkler system covering all warehouses, mezzanines and offices.

    "Eurasia complex" has its own security service. The perimeter area is cordoned off with fencing and equipped with surveillance cameras. Additionally, every building is equipped with outdoor surveillance cameras for adjacent territory monitoring. The motor transport (freight and passenger vehicles) may access the facility through two access checkpoints with round-the-clock security. The railway transport may access the facility through specialized checkpoints with round-the-clock security.

    "SLG-Domodedovo" also employs its own security service controlling all the access areas. The warehouses are equipped with surveillance cameras, which are installed in front of every dock and between in the isles. All data is recorded, archived and can easily be retrieved. Additionally, a differential magnetic card access system is used that allows employees to access only the areas they have security clearance for.

    Operating activity of "SLG-Domodedovo"

    The warehouse complex in "SLG-Domodedovo" uses a 24x7 operating system. With the total warehouse capacity of about 130,000 europallet-places and an average turnaround of once a month, the stock turnover is approximately 260,000 pallets per month (entry + exit) or about 433 pallets per hour. Currently we recruit both the management staff, such as the deputy managers of the warehouse complex, warehouse section and shift managers, along with storekeepers, operators of loading transport machinery, order pickers and general workers. Many of them have extensive experience of working with promotional products of such companies as JTI Gallaher Ligget, Philip Morris, Wrigley, Glaxo Smithkline etc., as well as ready-to-use products of JTI, Philip Morris, and Mercury GK. The majority of the personnel are the employees of the "National Logistics Company", the "First Terminal" and "West Terminal". All new recruits undergo mandatory training under the supervision of mentors with work experience at modern high-tech warehouses. Training programs for handling different categories of products (foods, tobacco, cosmetics, detergents, etc., are also available. At the completion of training, the participants must pass a qualification exam prior to being allowed to work independently. Other SLG Logistics Complexes: SLG-Saint-Petersburg Predportoviy


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