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Pharmaceutical warehouse

The total area of the pharmaceutical warehouse is 2,000 sq.m

The warehouse includes the areas of cargo acceptance, repackaging and storage. All premises are equipped with modern ventilation, air conditioning and cooling systems for maintaining the required temperature and humidity regimes. All equipment is certified by the relevant government authorities. Cold storage rooms are additionally equipped with alarm systems for continuous environment monitoring.

Pharmaceutical companies are offered a full range of specialized logistics services, including storage, transport and customs clearance along with consulting services on certification and licensing.

The independent laboratory is equipped with modern high-tech equipment suitable for liquid, gas and thin-layer chromatography. It is accredited by the State Committee of the Russian Federation for Standardization for all types of medication testing.

All operations are carried out within one building of a logistics park. This allows us to cut the overhead costs, maintain a competitive edge and, above all, ensure low medication prices at the time of economic crisis.

Certificate of compliance of the applicant's facilities with the fire-safety requirements

License for pharmaceutical activities

License for pharmaceutical activities

Accreditation Certificate issued to the testing laboratory for medication quality and safety control, located on the premises of "SLG" CJSC



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